How we can help

What do I need to know first?

About the Medicaid Personal Care Program
Personal care services are health-related services provided to Medicaid recipients whose disability limits their ability to perform activities of daily living (disabilities can be caused by aging).  A personal care assistant performs tasks that assist an individual in following a plan of care designed to improve, or delay deterioration of, an individual’s physical health while enabling that individual to remain safely at home. Personal care services include activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, grooming, bowel and bladder care, exercise, medication reminders, and meal preparation.

Eligibility for services
In order to be eligible for the Personal Care Assistance program, you must be a recipient of Alaska Medicaid benefits, and have a physical disability which requires hands on assistance.

We want to encourage you to remain independent and to complete the tasks that you can do on your own. But we also want to ensure that you are safe and that there is help available to you, should you require it. If we find that our services are not right for your situation, we are committed to referring you to resources where you can find the assistance that you need.

Before your services can begin, you will have an assessment completed by a registered nurse from the State of Alaska. The assessment will determine your eligibility and scope of services. The services will only be provided in accordance to the service plan. We’ll be with you every step of the way since it is vital that you understand the program and how it works.

How do I choose a caregiver?

At Trinion, a professional Service Team member can immediately answer your questions about this important choice of who to hire to care for you or your loved one. We employ experienced Certified Nursing Assistants and certified Personal Care Assistants who are carefully matched with those they care for. Each employee is trained internally, screened, insured, bonded and supervised. We respect your choices and earn your trust through reliable, compassionate care.

Already have in-home care but not getting the customer service you deserve? Already have a caregiver you love, but they’re not happy with their current employer? We know a happy employee means a happy caregiver. They will find Trinion is a company that looks after our employees’ needs, as they look after others.

For our PRIVATE DUTY clients (those who pay for services themselves) we do all the work for you in recruiting, screening, and employing qualified caregivers. It is then up to you to choose from those who are available and able to meet your needs. You will work closely with Trinion’s Service Coordinator to find the right person for you.

There is a Medicaid specific program which many qualifying Alaskans are enrolled in. This is called the Consumer Directed Personal Care Assistance Program. In this case you are termed a “co-employer” and are required to recruit, hire, supervise, and fire your caregiver. The agency, such as Trinion, is the employer of record and together both you and your agency must abide by Federal and State of Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce regulations and laws.

If you need to find someone we have some suggestions:
There are numerous ways to look for a personal care assistant:
• Personal referrals
• Word of mouth
• Your Personal Care Agency
• Newspaper advertising

Newspaper or online advertising:
If you decide to advertise in the newspaper please remember the three essential components: a description of the position being offered, a list of qualifications needed and a means by which applicants can reach you.

** Please note that neither the agency, nor the Medicaid program, can reimburse you when you place an ad to find a caregiver. **

When placing employment ads, it is illegal to list preferences according to age, race, or sex. It is unlawful for ads to contain terms such as “age 25-35”, “male” or “female” wanted, or “college student” preferred.

Requirements of the State of Alaska and Trinion Quality Care Services for consumer directed personal care assistants:
• Be at least 18 years of age.
• Maintain current First Aid/ CPR certificate
• Provide proof of Automobile Insurance
• Submit a current driving record (if this requirement is not waived by you)
• Submit to a criminal background check and pass

(for a full and complete understanding of the responsibilites under this program please refer to the State of Alaska Medicaid regulations or contact our office)

You may receive a number of calls from interested people, so you’ll want to identify the best candidates by telephone screening. This is not an interview. Instead, it is an effective way to screen out anyone who lacks the skills, experience, motivation, stability, and maturity to do the job.  Telephone screening helps you decide whether or not to schedule a personal interview with the caller. Some of the questions you may want to ask are:
– What experience have you had as a PCA?
– What hours are you available to work?
– Are you willing and able to travel to the part of town that I live in?
– If selected, when could you start?

Give those who meet your basic needs a brief description of the job and hours involved. Arrange a time and place for a personal interview. Keep track of the appointments you schedule. NEVER hire a PCA over the telephone without conducting a personal interview.

Hiring your PCA
Once your decision is made, you will want to contact the applicant and offer them the job. It is important when you are offering them the job to clearly state that they must still meet the hiring requirments of the agency you have your services with.

If the employee is already employed by Trinion Quality Care Services, it is your responsibility to call the office to ensure that the appropriate documents are on file.  If they have never worked for Trinion Quality Care Services before, you should inform the office that a new PCA will be coming in to fill out employment paperwork.

IMPORTANT: Your PCA cannot receive pay for any tasks completed until they have met the required employment eligibility terms, and completed the employment paperwork and procedures for Trinion Quality Care Services.

A PCA’s ultimate job performance depends on how well you train him or her. When training your PCA, you need to be comfortable giving all the instructions yourself.

How can I pay for services?

Those who qualify for Alaska Medicaid and meet the level of care needs for our services can apply through the State of Alaska > Health & Social Services > Senior & Disabilities Services.
Trinion can assist with information and resources on that process.

Private Duty is when an individual, guardian, or Power of Attorney pays for Personal Care Services. Trinion accepts Check, Cashier/Bank Check, Monday Order, Visa or MasterCard.

Certain Long Term Care Policies include “custodial” care (non-nursing) and will pay for certain services.

I am unhappy with my current provider

Choice of providers, choice of Caregivers, and choice of services are essential rights of each individual. The State of Alaska regulations state that it is a client’s right to choose and they cannot be unduly influenced. All it takes is a phone call to initiate the transfer of current services. Then it can take only a single signature to authorize a change in agencies.

Your Questions

I live alone, what are my options?

Our caregivers can assist you in the things that may have been difficult for you such as; light housekeeping, meal preparation, personal hygiene, and driving. There are several options as far as services and cost. Our Service Specialist can answer your questions, give you information and referrals to community services, and even provide a free Home Safety Analysis.

My spouse doesn’t want anyone in our home but I can’t keep doing it myself - help!

We hear this quite frequently. You aren’t alone. Many people have trouble admitting when they can’t do something as easily as they used to. Sometimes it is even harder to think that they have become a burden to their family or spouse. Our Service Specialists are able to present options, scenarios, and counseling to ease the transition to accepting help from someone new. We understand the importance of trust and ensure that you and your spouse essentially interview prospective caregivers before you hire them through us.

What exactly does Trinion do?

We offer a variety of services designed to assist you, or your loved one, in completing activities of daily living (like bathing and dressing) and independent activities of daily living (like shopping, errands, and house cleaning). Each service is designed to give you the assistance that you need in order to maintain or improve your quality of life. At Trinion Quality Care Services we will work to understand your individual needs and will treat you, and your home with respect.

Specializing in the Art of Caregiving* we employ experienced Certified Nursing Assistants, Certified Personal Care Assistants, and Trinion Caregivers. All employees are trained internally, screened, insured, bonded and supervised. A team of Trinion’s professional senior care advisors assure and oversee the quality of services we provide including in-home help with hands-on assistance, household chores, respite, companionship, transportation, short-term recovery care and compassionate end-of-life care.  Medicaid, Private Duty, and Long-Term Care Insurance accepted. We are a locally and women-owned company that understands Alaska!

I heard I can get paid to help my mom or dad, is that true?

There is a Medicaid Program which allows family members to earn a paycheck for providing personal care.
There are eligibility and qualification standards which you will have to meet in order to be employed by us. Take a look at our employment section and give us a call!

They tell me I can’t drive anymore, can you help?

Yes, we can. There are several options for those who either need someone to drive them to appointments, to the store, to pick up prescriptions or just get out of the house.

In the Medicaid programs there are approvals for medical appointments, shopping, and errands.
With Private Duty we can provide a Certified Care Provider or a Homemaker to assist in you with your transport needs.

Our employees must provide the following before they can drive a client;
- Current Driving Record
- Registration and proof of insurance
- Current Driver’s Licence
- Maintain a clean driving record

My neighbor hasn’t left her house in weeks, I’m really worried about her

Your neighbor is fortunate to have someone who cares. You have several choices based on your neighbor’s particular situation.
There are many reasons a person has for ceasing their normal activities.
Has she had a recent medical issue which has impacted her ability to take care of herself? Is she open to having someone help her?  To cook, clean, or bathe?
Trinion’s Caregivers can help when someone is 1) Open and willing to be helped and
2) When they meet the level of care which our Certified Care Providers are trained to provide.
Please give us a call so that we can either give you the resources to help your friend, or give her a call to see if our services are what she needs.