The Trinion Difference

Trinion Quality Care Services, Inc. is an Accredited Provider of Personal Care Services in Alaska. We are proud to be a wholly Alaskan and woman owned and operated company.

We consistently provide superior customer service with innovative, high quality, comprehensive, cost effective services in a safe environment - your home!
2013 Provider of Choice in Alaska

Experience Quality Care

You are no longer alone when you choose to Lean On Trinion. You gain a team of people working for you to ensure quality delivery of your services to improve the quality of your life at home. This team includes;
~ A professional Personal Care Assistant or compassionate Caregiver who you personally approve or choose for your home care needs.
~ A Case Manager who works directly with you - whether you are a client, a family member or a guardian to develop a plan of care that meets your requirements, in your home.
~ A Program Manager who is at your side during assessments, when you have questions, or when you need support with the many agencies and paperwork involved in your care including Alaska Medicaid.
~ Service Coordinators who work with you, your needs, your schedule, and your preferences in finding the right match for YOU in a Caregiver.
~  A friendly and professional office support staff ensures that your interactions with Trinion are handled smoothly, sensitively, and with a smile.

Experience Trust

We respect your choices and earn your trust through reliable, compassionate care.
Your needs and safety come first.

Experience Choice

The programs we provide are based on allowing the elderly and disabled to stay in the safety of their own homes longer, thereby avoiding institutionalization. You are the one who makes the choice of an agency, and can change that choice at any time. It is our goal to provide you with information, services and customer service, so that you feel you can make the most informed choice availalbe.
Your caregiver also has a choice of their employer, that includes you.
We create and support a workplace that is safe, comfortable, and enjoyable, and also meets our goals of incorporating our values into our daily business. We also strive to compensate our employees with competitive wages, the proper training and benefits.

Experience Respect

Trinion’s Service Team is here to preserve personal dignity, provide compassion, and promote respect in the homes of those we provide care for.
~ customer service
~ respect
~ dignity
~ compassion
These are not just slogans; we give these tenets meaning in how we treat ourselves, each other, our employees, our clients, and community partners.

Trinion Quality Care Services operates as part of the community.  Trinion works as a team with many of the professional Care Coordinators, community providers, and state agencies in the Anchorage and Mat-Su areas to bring true quality care to our clients. We have inherent responsibilities to promote our company values in every interaction with our community. This is not limited to providing services to the elderly and disabled adults and children who are not able to care for themselves, but also as an employer.

We believe in taking a more proactive approach to the elder and disability care issues in the State of Alaska. This includes being informed of regulations and policies which affect our clients and employees. We do take part in the regulatory and participatory political process to ensure the best health care system for Alaskans. We are bonded and insured.

Trinion Quality Care Services Inc, Elderly/Senior Specialty Services, Anchorage, AK